Quooker, Quooker, Quooker

you have heard the name but what exactly is a Quooker tap?

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Quooker is a tap for your kitchen that can get instant 100°C boiling water, filtered, chilled and sparkling water plus regular hot and cold water.  Quooker taps literally meet all your kitchen water requirements.

That sounds great but you already have an existing tap that you like very much.  Quooker also have just a boiling hot water tap that works alongside your existing tap. 

Quooker means never having to fill a kettle again, waiting for it to boil.  You would be very surprised how often you need boiling water throughout the day.  Having a Quooker tap with instant hot water will bring added calm to your day.  A tired, hungry family home from work, sports, school at the same time, all waiting to be fed. Pasta that is literally on the table in minutes, the boiling water is instant and so is dinner.

Quooker taps have lots of impressive features, a flexi tap hose is also available, chilled sparkling water, hot cold and boiling water.  But I think the most impressive feature of all is the elimination of plastic water bottles in the home.  Boiling water constantly in a kettle and only using a fraction of the boiled water in the tap is not good.  Quooker taps are very water and energy efficient.

 Interested in a Quooker tap?  Please call to our Nicholas Moody Kitchens Showroom to discuss your need with our designer Josephine.

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