Welcome to the world of Gaggenau APPLIANCES

Gaggenau takes its cue from the Professional’s kitchen where everything exists to serve the Chef.  Innovations that aid the Chef are embraced and function is everything.

You are all familiar with the iconic Gaggenau ovens, but do you know that Gaggenau are so much more?

Visit Showroom
Visit Showroom

Gaggenau supply ovens, warming drawers, coffee machines, cook tops, extractors, refrigerators, wine climate cabinets, dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers and our personal favourite here at Nicholas Moody Kitchens – the Gaggenau vacuum drawer.  Want to try Sous – Vide cooking?  The vacuum drawer is exactly what you need.  With different vacuuming levels and sizes of bags you can lock in flavours, preserve ingredients and marinade in a third of the time.  The vacuum drawer also has the ability to vacuum outside the drawer so you enjoy the remainder of your opened wine later in the week.


Ultimately you need to experience a Gaggenau appliance to truly appreciate its qualities.  Visit our Nicholas Moody Showroom and open a door or turn a stainless steel knob.  Come and be impressed by Gaggenau.