As I am the extremely lucky person to live and work in the Nicholas Moody Kitchens main house display. I get to use the Gaggenau 400 series Combi Steam Oven, Regular Oven and the vacuum drawer.


Gaggenau say their ovens are ‘the epitome of culinary excellence, the object of desire for the private chef.’  Well, I don’t mind telling you that I was fairly intimidated by the high tech Gaggenau 400 Series. 


I absolutely love the Gaggenau Combi Steam Oven.  It is self-explanatory, easy to use and the food comes out beautifully.  I use it to bake, something that I never thought I would do.

According to Gaggenau Steam adores Vacuum so under my Combi Steam Oven I have a Gaggenau Vacuum Drawer.  When I first had it I had no idea what it was for!! I even stored my jewellery in it.  Then I got out the book and started reading about it.  Now I find that it is an invaluable piece of kitchen kit.  With different vacuum levels you can lock in flavours, preserve ingredients and marinade in a third of the tune.  The Gaggenau Vacuum Drawer also has the ability to vacuum outside the drawer to enjoy opened wine later on in the week.  It has completely cut down on food waste.  My favourite use is vacuuming biscuits and cheese biscuits – keeps them fresh forever.  We are still eating cheese biscuits from Christmas.


I tried the Sous-Vide Drawer last week.  I invited people for rib eye steak and all the trimmings,  I vacuumed the steaks and Sou- Vided them earlier in the day for over an hour when I had plenty of time, then, when everyone arrived and was ready for their steak I flash fried and browned them on my Gaggenau Vario Teppan Yaki.  They were fabulous.


More about the Tepan Yaki in the next blog…