Anyone that has an interest in cycling will be familiar with Bora, the main sponsor of the hugely succesfull BORA-Hansgrohe cycling team, however, in the kitchen world they are best known for their hobs and now the new XBO all singing and dancing oven.

BORA hobs all feature innovative ventilation solutions.  Good ventilation is a key consideration, particularly in an open plan living environment.  Options include, exhaust systems, where cooking smells are ducted out of the room and recirculation systems, where odour and grease particles are extracted directly as they arise and before they spread.  Both systems are effective, the advantage of the recirculation system being that it can be retrofitted, with no need for ducting under the floor which may be an advantage depending on the scale of your renovations.

Gone are the days of loud and bulky extractor systems that ruin the look of your kitchen, not to mention getting in the way and taking up space.  BORA extractors are at countertop level, a contemporary aesthetic that is both functional and practical.

The all new BORA M Pure cooktop extractor has only been available since February, 2024, it is a compact system that has zone induction areas to the left and surface induction areas to the right  – every pan and roasting tray is recognised for ultimate flexibily.  Whilst not being a huge hob, the control panel does not infringe on the cooking zones – setting it apart from other hobs of a similar size.

Call today to make an appointment – we display both BORA and their flagship BORA Professional Range.