I got my beautiful Zampieri kitchen and the Gaggenau 400 Series Combi-Steam oven that I coveted and my husband got a Gaggenau Vacuum drawer to fit underneath it.

The Gaggenau Vacuum Drawer is perfect for preparing food for gentle Sous Vide cooking before transferring to the Gaggenau Steam Oven.  The Gaggenau drawer removes oxygen and air from the vacuum sealing bag containing the food that you want to cook.  By doing this in the Gaggenau Vacuum Drawer before popping your food in the Gaggenau Steam Oven you are preserving nutrients and vitamins.  Meat cooked in this way is particularly flavoursome.

My first foray into using my Gaggenau Vacuum Drawer and then my Gaggenau Steam Oven was a Gaggenau recipe for Coffee Marinated Steaks.  Two Sirloin Steaks placed in a vacuum bag with the marinade ingredients, seal the bag in the drawer and leave to marinade for 40 minutes at room temperature.  Pre-heat my Combi Steam Oven on 58°C sous vide cooking.  Remove steaks from bag, pat dry, place in a vacuum bag and seal as before.  Place bag with steaks in oven and cook in the Combi Steam Oven for 1 hour.  I tend to do this early in the day and then when I want to serve the Steaks I heat oil and butter, remove them from the vacuum bag and brown both sides for about 30 seconds. 

I cannot describe how flavoursome these steaks are.  Delicious. 

Call out to Nicholas Moody Kitchens to see the Gaggenau Vacuum Drawer in action.  It is truly amazing.